Kantara: Internet is Divided on Removal Of Varaharoopam, Thaikuddam Had A Last Laugh

After Kantara makers took down the original version of Varaha Roopam’s song, the Kerala-based band reacted to its new version song released on OTT. The netizens are divide with different opinions.

Kerala-based band react

Earlier today Twitter users were unhappy with the fact that Kantara makers came up with a new version of the Varaha Roopam song used in the OTT version of Kantara. The makers have taken down the theatrical version after the allegations of plagiarism by a Kerala-based band.


Previously, Thaikkudam Bridge filed a lawsuit against the makers of Kantara saying that they used their ‘Navarasam’ song without permission. Recently, Kerala HC, going by the same, directed the Kantara makers to take down Varaha Roopam’s earlier version everywhere.

Justice Prevails!

So, today Thaikkudam Bridge took to social media and wrote, “Amazon Prime has removed the plagiarised version of our song ‘NAVARASAM’ from the movie KANTARA. Justice Prevails!” They also thanked the musician fraternity, fans, and media who extended their wholehearted support to fight for their rights.”

Meanwhile, netizens are demanding the makers to bring back the original version of the song, which is clearly an impossible task for now. Until then, we need to wait for the maker’s comments on this matter.


Paining Credits_ Left- Ananthu Asokan : Right- Sreeranj M P

The Kerala court passed a petition that the Thaikkudam Bridge music group must grant permission for the song to be released on OTT platforms and theaters. A Kerala court ruled in favor of the band and banned any platform—including Amazon, YouTube, Spotify, and JioSaavn—from playing that song without the band’s approval.

Twitter Is Divided

After the removal of the original version of the Varaha Roopam song, Twitter is divided into opinions. One user writes, “Sad to see music killing music for money!! Please don’t call it a win.” Another wrote, “You can remove it from the movie. But can you remove it from our heart?”

The third one wrote, “Music killing music. It’s sad to enter this stage. There is absolutely nothing new under the sun. You guys copied before the Kantara people copied. That’s the difference.”