What If Kantara had a ‘200 cr Budget’? Rishab Shetty’s reply is a ‘Master Stroke’

Rishab Shetty’s film created history by becoming the highest-grosser of all time in Karnataka taking down the mammoth KGF Chapter 2. With a low budget, the film is the second biggest Sandalwood film of all time just behind KGF 2.

Small budget or a big budget? what matters?

The film, which was released theatrically on September 30, 2022, has almost reached its closing worldwide collections. Written, directed, and starred by Rishab Shetty, the film was also released in Hindi, two weeks later and has so far managed to collect over Rs 400 at the Indian box office. With this, everyone in the country is surprised by the fact that a low-budget film has caused such havoc at the Box Office and probably bulldozing other big-budget movies. Given this, the question arises, will a big budget for a movie make any difference to the film?


What if Kantara had a buget ofd Rs 200 cr? Would the film look any different?

“First of all, I will have no idea where to spend all that money. And we will do what the story demands. For example, imagine we had 200 cr kept on the table. Can you imagine us shooting the Kambala scene with a camera put on a helicopter? No, we will definitely place our camera on the ground Right? With what we had for Kantara, all of the money is on the screen itself, we have not wasted it, said Rishab Shetty in an interview with Netflix.

Rishab’s Pan India reaction

Kantara initially had a lesser budget, but it was almost doubled later. The 39-year-old explains why it was a big-budget film for him and not others.


“Not just double, the budget was more than that. I discussed this thing with my wife. I told her how happy I was that I am doing a big-budget movie. And this was because my previous film only had 10% of the budget as compared to Kantara. After my film became Pan-India, people were discussing that it was a low-budget film. And I again joked about this thing to my wife,” he says.

Here’s the video:

Meanwhile, Kantara has reportedly earned somewhere close to Rs 450 crores. Of which, nearly Rs 407 crores gross were domestic collections, and the rest came from overseas. Made on a paltry budget of Rs 15 crores, the Rishab Shetty starrer and directorial has performed outstandingly at the box office.