China Sends Masks Made Of ‘Underwear’ Amid COVID-19 Outbreak: Pakistan News Channel

source: thedawn

According to a Pakistani news channel’s claim, their ‘all-weather friend’ China had promised to send top-quality masks to the country affected by Coronavirus. But, it was found that all these masks were made from underwear.

All-weather ally 

According to the Paki news channel, China had earlier promised medical aid to its ally Pakistan by sending top-quality N-95 masks to the country hit by Coronavirus. However, on receiving the supply, it was found that all the masks were made out of underwear.


source: straitstimes

Reporting the news, the anchor of the Pakistani channel said, “China ne chuna laga diya” (China cheated us) and further notified that the Sindh provincial government sent the masks to hospitals without checking.

“China agreed to send top-quality N-95 masks to Pakistan. When the consignment landed, Pakistanis found that China had sent masks made of underwear,” Pakistani anchor said.

Medical supplies to combat coronavirus

According to the reports, China had asked Pakistan to open the border between the two countries for one day on Friday so that medical supplies to combat coronavirus pandemic could be transported into the country.


source: indiatoday

The Chinese embassy in a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the governor would like to donate a batch of medical materials to Gilgit-Baltistan.

The letter said that the governor had donated 200,000 ordinary face masks, 2,000 N-95 face masks, five ventilators, 2,000 testing kits and 2,000 medical protective clothes mainly used by doctors and paramedics to fight with the virus, which began in China late last year.

source: mainichi