From Gautam Adani To Elon Musk, 8 Billionaires Reimagined as Supervillains with the ‘Help Of AI’

Artificial Intelligence has now generated artwork of popular Billionaires around the world. But there is a Twist, these Billionaires are reimagined as Supervillains. Have a look!

Billionaires or Supervillains?

These days Modern-day artists are taking the assistance of these AI tools to create an entirely different genre of art. An artist named Sahid, an AI enthusiast, whose previous work has resulted in some interesting artwork, has now reimagined these 8 Billionaires as Supervillains.



1. Elon Musk

2. Jeff Bezos

3. Bill Gates

4. Mukesh Ambani

5. Gautam Adani

6. Bernard Arnault

7. Warren Buffett

8. Mark Zuckerberg