Doddamma Of KGF Chapter 2: Exciting Things About This Destructor

Yash blowing out the police station with the ‘Dodamma’ machine gun has left viewers to wonder about the origin of the gun. Here we have collected some of the details of this terrifying machine gun.

‘Dodamma’ destroys the police station 

In a scene from K.G.F: Chapter 2, where Rocky Bhai takes a machine gun, named ‘Dodamma’, out to blow up a police station, in the name of a “field test”.


Cigarette in his lip, aiming steadily at the Police Station, Rocky fires aimlessly to show his might. The bullets zoom past the station and everything in between is destroyed. Bullet cases fall to the ground and Rocky walks in slow-motion to light up his cigarette from the heated up gun’s nozzle. This is by far the best action scene from the movie with an equally electrifying background score by Ravi Basrur.

Meanwhile, people would be wondering why the name of the gun is termed Dodamma in KGF Chapter 2? It goes back to a scene (before rocky takes down the police station) when Rocky is seen negotiating different guns from an arms seller. He is introduced to an American-made M1919 Browning machine gun. The seller refers to this as ‘Dodamma’, the word in Kannada basically means a Grandmother, a person who is the most senior one in the house.

The Browning M1919

The Browning M1919 (also known as the .30 Cal) is an American machine gun that was used in multiple wars, including WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. It was developed by an engineer named John Browning at a caliber of 7.62 mm.


This brutal weapon designed in the year 1919, saw service as light infantry, mounted vehicles, aircraft, and anti-aircraft machine guns by the U.S. and many other countries.

Interestingly, the original M1919 machine gun was cooled by water. because during the quick-firing process of the fully automatic gun, the machinery would get very hot due to friction. It used to get so hot that it was potent enough to burn someone who was trying to operate the gun.

To solve this hitting issue, later the designers innovated an air-cooled design. This made the gun much lighter and more portable while keeping up a high level of speed and power.