Rakshith, Raj, Rishab Should Stick To Their Genre, Not on BO: Anurag Kashyap

After the success of The Kashmir Files, Kantara, and some other films, the success of low-budget films has prompted big studios and production houses to take a new look at their business models that until a couple of years ago bet mostly on big-budget films involving top actors. Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap also emphasizes the same and suggests that Hindi cinema works more on content.

Big-budget films and the risk

It’s good to see that quite a few small films made it big-time and turned into amazing blockbusters. These films have found the perfect balance between a low budget and interesting content while racking up a huge return on investment.



Singing the same tune, Anurag Kashyap feels filmmakers in India should not run after the success of other films and increase their film budgets. Rather, they should stick to the content they have or a good story.

“What’s happening now is, everybody is trying to make a Pan India film. In this, success will be only 5 to 10%. See, a movie like Kantara or Pushpa gives filmmakers the courage to go out and tell a story. But if you follow the success of KGF 2, whatever big the success looks, if you try to copy that, then it becomes a disaster. I think that’s what Bollywood is doing.”

“Jason Blum, who is well known for making Horror movies, after his success, said he will never make ‘this mistake’ of ‘increasing his budget’ based on his success. So, he never made any changes to the way he makes films. Now, he likes to make films on extremely controlled budgets and when his film becomes a success he makes sure everybody gets money out of it. That’s what worked for him,” says the filmmaker.


RRR of the Kannada cinema

“After watching the success of Kantara, if Raj, Rakshith, or Rishab Shetty start making big-budget films, then that will be a problem. They must have the same approach as before and stick to the same genre,” Anurag Kashyap suggests.

Rakshit Shetty, Rishab Shetty, and Raj B Shetty gave one hit film after the other and emerged as the “RRR” of Kannada cinema. The phenomenal success of Kantara brought a discussion on these three friends who are excelling in various crafts.

All of them are shining in the industry and bringing a lot of good names to Sandalwood. They are a bundle of talent and we might expect some more stunning works from them in the future. Not just focusing on their films they are also helping other friends with their projects.