Advertising a Game in 2019


Games and Gaming culture are few of the things that have experienced an enormously positive expansion in 2019. One of the reasons behind it is the increase in the number of casual as well as professional gamers. Apart from this, what truly left a lasting effect is the change in the Advertising strategies being followed by the Game development Houses and Production houses.

Advertising a Game in 2019 has seen quite a drastic turn. Though this change has been a great factor in the betterment of the gaming industry, this is why; we are going to talk about how anyone should advertise a game such as Casino roulette with methods that show relevance to the modern times. So, without further ado let’s jump right into it.

Releasing a free demo version: For a long time, we have seen several game developers who offer demo versions in the beta stage of the game production. Though, these copies are given to a very limited number of people. This is something that can be made better by releasing a demo version in a free to all manners. Also, providing early access benefits is a great way to advertise a new game. One such example is Anthem for which EA offered a limited time demo mode and thanks to that the game becomes an overnight success.

Contacting popular streamers: Streaming is a very industry nowadays. Some of the streamers are followed quite religiously by their fans. So, promoting and advertising a game with their help is a great step. Not only they might start to stream your game in a regular manner but also with their positive review being on the internet, and it will also leave a lasting effect on their fan base.

advertising a game in 2019

Selecting effective platforms: It is very important to advertise a game on the right platform. For example, there is no such benefit of advertising a new video game in the form of TV commercials. One of the best places nowadays for marketing a new game such as live roulette is through YouTube ads. It is a great place to advertise your game. As not only it will be pretty inexpensive compared to big events but also having high-quality gameplay right on the computer screen will influence potential buyers of the game.

Set up a Rewarding method: Players love to share their progress as well as the in-game rewards that they get. This is one of the forms of indirect advertisement, but it is very effective these days because of their being a great audience over social media. Also, keeping a game free of micro-transactions is a great way to make a good name for your game as well as for the production house too.

These are some of the advertising methods that any game developer can follow to get their work to a great audience. Some of them are more effective than the other, but it is advised to find the perfect set of strategy for your game in an early stage.




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