‘Helmetless riders in Bengaluru Beware’, New Cameras in the city could Punish you Double

Helmetless two-wheeler riders passing junctions equipped with automated number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras will be challaned/ fined as many times as the intersections they pass by, traffic police said.

Double challan

There are 50 junctions equipped with 280 ANPR cameras in the city and most are in the central business district. If a rider without a helmet passes three camera-enabled junctions, he or she will receive three fine receipts of Rs 500 each, totaling Rs 1,500, reported TOI.


Previously, when traffic police manually fined riders for not wearing a helmet, they would be spared for the day on paying the fine once. Now, with cameras in place, each violation is counted differently, police said.

Traffic police commissioner MA Saleem said, “Each violation is a different occasion and treated as a fresh violation. Each time a helmetless rider passes a junction fitted with ANPR cameras, he or she will be fined Rs 500. Paying for one violation does not mean the rider can continue to commit the same violation the rest of the day.”

What counts as ‘no helmet’

Saleem further explained that the ANPR cameras recognize half-helmets or substandard headgear as no helmets.


“The software of these cameras is designed in such a way that it recognizes such riders as helmetless persons and automatically raises a challan for not wearing a helmet,” he said.