Limited period offer! 50% off on traffic fines in K’taka till Feb 11

The state government has gifted a 50 percent compromise on the payment of pending traffic challan cases, known as e-challan cases.

50% off on traffic fines

The State government has declared a 50% discount in fines in e-challan cases registered by traffic police across Karnataka if settled by February 11. This is a one-time measure to clear backlog cases that have not been settled, reported the Hindu.



An order was given by Pushpa V.S., Under Secretary, Transport Department, on Thursday. E-challan cases are those booked when violations are caught on traffic surveillance cameras.

After camera surveillance catches a violation, it identifies the vehicle registration number and a notice is generated for the person in whose name the vehicle is registered and sent to the registered address. However, while many do not respond, in many cases, the vehicle owner would have changed houses, vehicle ownership would have changed but records were not updated, a senior traffic police officer said.

Official’s statements

At a recent meeting chaired by the Karnataka Legal Services Authority, it was recommended that steps be taken to ensure the settling of these cases. Following this, the Commissioner for Transport and Road Safety proposed a one-time measure of a 50% rebate.


“There were over two crore e-challan cases which may total up to a penalty of Rs 500 crores in the city. This is over 80% of such cases pending across the State,” said Dr. M.A. Saleem, Special Commissioner.

“Anyone can check for the cases pending against their vehicle on our website and make the payment. We will update the interface on the Bengaluru Traffic Police website by Friday and give a link,” Saleem said, appealing to all vehicle owners in the city to inspect if there are any cases pending against their vehicles and make use of the discount window.