New Queen In The House – A Mattress Buying Guide!


Aussies are very peculiar about their houses and comfort levels in a routine life. They plan their purchases accordingly by giving due thought to the value addition of it in their life. Mattresses, though seem like a minimal participant in a house setting but it plays a very key role in ensuring a healthy physical and mental routine, not only during the night when you are asleep but during the day as well when you are awake.

Buying mattresses is not an easy and economical task rather involves a complete research and hefty amount of money as per your requirements and needs. For instance, size, thickness, and technology determine the cost of a quality mattress. Similarly, its symmetry with the overall look of the house also needs to be considered. Nowadays, there’s a trend of queen size beds in Australia and hence, the demand for its mattresses are on a rise. On one end where a good sized comfortable mattress helps you getting a good night sleep, similarly, on the other end, it wards off many ailments resulting from the poor quality of sleep and mattresses.

Below are given a few tips to help you buy a new mattress like a pro in Australia:


Before hopping onto the decision of buying a mattress, it is mandatory that you should be clear about your need of it. Also, whether you need to upgrade its size along with the bed or downsize it. If you need more space in the room and kids do not sleep with you then it is best to downgrade from king size to full bed size or might opt to buy queen mattress. Whatever your choice is, you should consider your current as well as future needs before triggering the purchase.

Trial Is A Must

Whenever you go to buy a mattress in Australia it is recommended to have a trial of it along with your partner, no matter how awkward this might seem. But bear in mind that it is a major investment and should be tried out beforehand as there’s no other substitute to the accuracy of this step.

Returns & Trial Period

A trial period is very critical for being fully satisfied with your purchase of the mattress. Few vendors in Australia provide you with a comfort trial period of up to a month to check the quality of the product; however, few also charges you with the restock fee in the wake of this trial window. Therefore, be very vigilant while getting a trial window from the vendor especially while buying online.


Determine Firmness

While out in the market you would realize that few vendor’s firmness standards of a mattress are an extra firmness for the other, that’s why never go with the absolute terms while buying a queen mattress rather try out beforehand. Similarly, mattresses that are in the middle and slightly more skewed towards the hard size with respect to firmness are more comfortable for the majority of Aussies.

Know The Options

It is important to know about the types of queen mattress available on the market. For instance, there are hybrid mattresses, traditional innerspring ones, memory foams, and adjustable air ones. You can get good hands-on knowledge about the types and varieties of mattresses in Australia by skimming through the online search.

Buy Online

Nowadays people are inclined to buy queen mattress online due to the delivery and transportation cost waiver. Though there is risk involved, you can taper it off by having an in-store trial then purchasing the same item online. You could enjoy not only cost-effective deliveries but also enjoy online promotions on them as well.

Lastly, you should set aside a generous amount of budget for the purchase of the queen size mattress in Australia as it could be expensive in comparison to other household purchases. But at the same time, you should also make sure that the purchase does not bring you to the hand-to-mouth state of living. However, if there would be a small phase of a tight-on-budget living then it is suggested to go for the purchase, having a good and comfortable mattress is that important. After all, you are spending one-third of your whole day on it.



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