Outdoor Birthday Party 101

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An outdoor birthday party is one of a kind adventure and fun. Your kids can enjoy different activities and games which will make the celebration more memorable to them. Of course, you need not think of grand outdoor birthday party for your kids because for sure, they will be happy with a simple celebration.

Nonetheless, even a simple party needs the planning part, and since you will be celebrating outside, you need to start as soon as 1 and ½ month before the actual day. Here are things you need to prepare when planning an outdoor celebration. Enjoy!



Before anything else, let your kids decide on the theme part. Involve them as they know what kind of party they want. The sky’s the limit! Here are the themes your child may pick but not limited to:

  • Beach Party
  • Garden Party
  • Fairytale Party
  • Bubbles Party
  • Teddy Bear Theme
  • Harry Potter Theme
  • Picnic Setting
  • Outdoor Camping Theme
  • Backyard Party

Prepare the Guest List

When preparing the guest list, of course, don’t forget to include your kids best friend/s. You can also include your kids when planning who to invite. However, you should explain, depending on the budget, how much kids can come. If you are not inviting too many kids, the rule-of-thumb will help.

Determine your child’s age, if he or she is 8 years old, using the rule-of-thumb, you can invite the same number of friends as his age plus one. So, all in all, you only have 9 kids to cater. However, remember that you are doing it outdoors, so you will have to ensure the accountability of these kids and list all their parents’ contact details as well as the local emergency hotlines in case of emergency.



You may use invitation cards or mail invitation to gather expected invitees. Don’t forget to include the exact place (include directions on how to get there), time, (start and end time) and the theme. If you require them to bring anything, especially when you plan on having an outdoor camping or beach party, jot everything down. If possible include what meals you are serving (Lunch, Snack or Dinner). Check on the responses of the parents as well as those who will not respond to the invitation.

Call Somebody to Help You During the Celebration Day

Of course, it will be hard on your part if you are supervising the outdoor birthday party alone. What about the food? The games? The activities? Who else will supervise them when you are supervising others? Thus, you need to call somebody to help you during the actual day. You can also invite the parents to go with their child or hire someone to supervise the kids or other family members to help.

Pick the Location

At an outdoor party, there are unpredictable circumstances that may happen. You can’t stop kids from strolling around at times, so when pulling off a party outdoors, find a place that is safe or near your home or local hospitals.


Decorations and Things to Prepare

Decide on what decorations to have, depending on the theme. If you are having the outdoor camp theme, of course, the decorations and things needed should be well-considered. You may decorate the traditional banners, colorful strings and prepare some camp-inspired loot bags.

– Tents

Aside from that, since it is a camp-inspired theme, don’t forget to bring some tent for the kids to feel just like they are on a camping trip. Try reading 6 BEST 10×20 POP UP CANOPY TENT REVIEWS 2019 [HEAVY DUTY AND EASY SET UP OPTIONS] to check on the best tents to purchase unless the birthday party’s theme is outdoor camp inspired.



Above are just a few of the things you need to prepare when throwing a party for your kids outdoors. May this help you on your outdoor birthday party planning. Have fun and don’t forget to involve your kids in the planning!