What Are The Different Residential Options Offered By District One Residences?

Investing in a property is a very crucial decision. So what do you take into consideration while picking up a property either for investment or as a residence? Of course, location is an important aspect. Apart from that, options in sizes and payment are equally important. District One Residences introduced by Meydan & Sobha LLC has all this and much more.

District One Apartments

The stunning apartments of District One MBR City within Mohammed Bin Rashid are available in 1, 2, and 3-bedroom spaces with family-accommodating comforts as the key feature. The place is surrounded by rich green spaces and large windows that permit bright sunlight of the early morning. These apartments are just ideal for those who are looking for a living space that offers the equal privilege of privacy and greenery around.


Situated on the largest crystal lagoon in the world, the project has dedicated green spaces covering 600 acres. The apartments are in the heart of Dubai replete with all the ultra-modern amenities.

Apartments Unit Sizes

1 bedroom apartment 735 Sq. ft. – 768 Sq. ft.
2 bedroom apartment 1,262 Sq. ft
3 bedroom apartment 1,736 Sq. ft.

District One Villas

These villas are available in three specific phases. These include Modern-Arabic, Contemporary, and Mediterranean styles. Every part of the structure speaks of unparalleled class which mirrors the refined style of elite people. The luxurious spaces are simply ideal for a family that has a taste for lifestyle living. With the choice available from 4, 5, and 6- bedroom spacious villas, these District One villas for sale also, provide multiple options in dining and entertainment.


Villas Unit Sizes

4 bedroom villa 6,393 Sq. ft.
5 bedroom villa 7,823 Sq. ft. – 7,972 Sq. ft.
6 bedroom villa 9,903 Sq. ft. – 11,527 Sq. ft.

District One Mansions

These mansions in District One Dubai are available in three phases-Modern-Arabic, Mediterranean, and contemporary styles offering a 7 and 8-bedroom options replete with a host of amenities.

Mansions Unit Sizes

7 bedroom villa 16,363 Sq. ft. – 18,548 Sq. ft.
8 bedroom villa 34,593 Sq. ft. – 37,472 Sq. ft.