4 Tips And Tricks To Make Your Swimming Pool Standout

A swimming pool is one of the most pleasurable parts of a house where you get to cool down yourself after a long tiring day. If you think that your swimming pool is too plain compared to high-end pools of luxurious resorts, then you probably got it all wrong. The secret of the resorts in building their swimming pools can also be achieved by you with less spending.

Yes, you’ve read that, right! Whether it’s an old pool or a new one to build, you can enhance the features of your swimming pool to make it extraordinary. You can turn your swimming pool into a resort-like spa and the likes, where comfort and relaxation can be enjoyed best! But how will you do that? You just have to follow the tips and tricks below to make your swimming pool standout.


1. Pool Shapes

This is the first thing that you have to decide if you still need to build your swimming pool. There a lot of factors you should consider before choosing one. Are you the only person who will use the pool or do you have other family members that will probably use it too? Remember that you have to take into consideration the number of people that will swim with you. So, you have to think of a pool shape that can accommodate everyone.

The next factor that you have to consider is the size of the area where you will build your swimming pool. Each pool shape differs in sizes. Just in case you only have a small area for your swimming pool, then you have to adjust the type of pool shape that you are going to use.

You don’t have to be confused about what pool shape to use, as we have compiled some of the best pool shapes that will suit best for your swimming pool. You can check them out below.


Figure 8 Pool

L Pool

Rectangular Pool

Circle Pool

Oval Pool

Kidney Pool

Freeform Pool

2. Pool Landscape

Pool landscape can always be seen in spa resorts. You probably haven’t considered it because you think they are too expensive. But the real secret to having a beautiful landscape is just around the corner of your garden area.

You can plant the flowers and trees that you have in your garden in landscaping the pool area. You can even use the white rocks you see on the road as your landscape. You can also add some chair, tables, and umbrellas to achieve the spa-like relaxation perfectly.

The best thing about this is that you get to decide the theme of the pool landscape you want to have. Remember that you don’t need to spend even a single cent, for the natural resources you have will already complement as part of the pool landscape.


3. Pool LED Lightings

There are various pool LED lightings you can install for your swimming pool. You can choose from underwater lighting, landscape lighting, furniture lighting, fountain lighting, and dimmers. These LED lightings will best highlight the shape, landscape, and fountains as they illuminate the whole pool area during night time.

We understand that swimming during night time is not safe for everyone because you will not clearly see the things you are stepping into. This is the reason why it is vital to install LED lightings that are considered to be the most durable lightings you can use for your pool.

4. Pool Fountains

You can add another water feature by installing artificial fountains to your swimming pool. This is enticing for everyone who just loves the feeling of being surrounded by nature’s best water resources. You will not only enjoy the water splash of the pool but will also be delighted as to how the water will fall.


However, you need to consider the size of these waterfalls so that it won’t consume some other part of the swimming pool. They also come in different types such as fountains, waterfall, rain curtains, water wall, and more. You should decide the shape and style of the fountain or the waterfall. However, it can only be properly installed by a pool technician.


You can now create and customize your desired swimming pool even on a budget! So, whether you want to enhance your pool or make a new one, the tips and tricks discussed above will surely make your swimming pool standout!