Clever Reno Projects To Make Your Home

More Valuable

When it comes to doing a profitable face-lift for your home, the secret is not how you spend your cash,
but where. Indeed, Australia is a nation of renovation, with shows like Selling Houses Australia
encouraging homeowners to up their game and pump in a breath of fresh air into their living space.

The biggest question, however, is how to get the best bang for your buck. Here’s a look at some of the
smartest places to splash your money for maximum profits come sale day.

Upgrade your Kitchen

Kitchens sell houses – that’s the way it is! In essence, this implies that investing your cash in kitchen
renovations is an excellent way to add value to your home. You need to remember to do more than
replace your faucets and tiles, though.

Why? Well, because it is the functional items that add true value to your home. One of the best ideas is to increase the storage space (is it every enough by the way?). You can also spruce up your cooking place by adding stuff like pendant lights or under cabinetry.

Renovate your Bathroom

A new bathroom comes in a close second from your kitchen. In fact, a stylish place to take a shower is
one of the top things that a potential buyer looks for in a house. So, upgrading yours will always pay off.
Remember, if your aim is it to sell, then you must consider the needs of the future owner.

There’s no need, for instance, of installing a double shower and sink while taking up space for a bath if
you plan to sell your property to people with kids.

Tip – Don’t forget to install vanity or cabinet mirrors in your bathroom if you two or more bathrooms.

Upgrade your Floor Plan

Potential home buyers tend to concentrate on open planning. So, consider seeking professional advice
on what you can do to open up your space. You may decide to get rid of the walls to ensure that there is
uninterrupted flow from your kitchen to the outdoor area. Think of it as a way to create more room without damaging the structural design of your home.

What happens if your house’s design or budget won’t allow you to increase space? In such situations,
you can choose to get smart with décor. Start by getting modern furniture and art mirrors. You can use
old newspaper or masking tape to outline where you will place your furniture in high traffic areas.

Mount Aluminium Window Frames

Yes, aluminum window frames are an excellent choice over wood, vinyl, fiberglass or composite plastic.
For starters, they’re incredibly durable since aluminum doesn’t crack, split, get warped or swell. Plus, you
don’t need to spend a lot of money on maintenance.

Even more impressive, aluminum offers flexible design options. More specifically, you can choose to
anodize or paint it to blend with your style. You only need to pick your favorite color, and you’re good to
go. What’s more? Aluminum tends to drive down heat loss by a reasonable 60% compared to uPVC
plastic and wood.

Of course, when improving infrastructure, you want to save money, and guess what? Aluminum is
relatively affordable than most options on the market. And the beauty of it is that it lasts long, providing
value for your cash in the long run.

Boost Natural Light

One of the easiest ways to give your rooms that unique “sit and stay awhile” is natural light. And, you
don’t have to install expensive new windows to get it done (remember aluminum windows?). You can
mount skylights in well-thought-out positions. Be sure to add natural lighting in your hallways, bathrooms,
laundry, and kitchens.

Still, pay more attention to waterproofing and the installation process. While you can mount the skylights
yourself, it is advisable to hire a professional to do it if your budget allows.

Upgrade your Outdoor Space

Your outdoor area is as essential as your bathroom or kitchen to a potential buyer. Essentially, it is a
footprint of the rest of your living space. So, consider mounting shades and fans for summer and shades
for winter.

Whether you are renovating your balcony or deck, keep in mind how your updates will hold up throughout the year. Weather-proof your outdoors for sun, wind, and rain while ensuring that there’s enough ventilation. Privacy is critical, too – you don’t want to give your neighbor access to your bedroom via the window.

One more thing – paint your curb to give your home an impressive first impression.