5 Reasons Your Marriage Life Is Drifting Apart


While some marriages can have a ‘Happily ever after’, the others might be muddled between monotony and action pack routines. While there is so much that partners require to attend to, it is inevitable to see certain drifts in their relationship over time.

Partners with kids, find it even more difficult to cope with this problem. Some of them have often complained about how the intimacy between them have started to fade out due to no time, excess stress and endless responsibilities. Such things may often exhaust partners, thereby decaying the closeness between the two. Studies show that more than 15% of couples have a sexless marriage.

So, what can be done to eradicate the problem? Why does this happen? Are you drifting apart from your partner? Calm down. We are here to help you out.

Does this happen with everyone?

Newly married couples find it easy to increase intimacy. There is a passion for each other, growing closeness and a feeling of excitement as they begin a new life. But as time passes, this feeling becomes regular and partners feel used-to each other.

Every partner crosses a certain point in their marriage when they feel their relationship is shredding or drifting apart. Some couples work on it together and save it on time. While others, go astray, with no room for advice.

If you are the couple, that hasn’t worked on it yet, don’t worry. It is okay. But before, you begin to look for solutions, it is important to dive into the underlying problem to understand where it all starts.

In this article, we will take you through the most popular 5 reasons why your marriage life might be drifting apart.

Reasons for the drift between partners in their marriage life

To understand a problem, you need to first dive into the core of its cause. Apparently, there can be umpteen reasons as to why you might be facing drifts in marriage. Some of the most common reasons that could help you introspect your marriage are given below:

Having little or no sex

Studies reveal that about 2/3 of married couples feel unsatisfied about having plenty of sex. While statistics have no role to play in individual sex lives, it must be noted that each couple needs enough sex to have a happy and intimate marriage life.

Little or no sex can make marriages very stressful and boring. Especially, those who live in long-distance can have a hard time coming up with the solution. Make sure, you and your partner are having enough sex to arouse the intimacy in your marriage life back again. You can also consult any best sexologist in India to get an idea on how you can improve your intimacy.

Endless arguments

Fighting among partners may seem like regular stuff but not always. It can turn very toxic when the fighting gets endless. If you and your partner keep on arguing, disagreeing with each other and conflicting all the time, it is a sign that you both are drifting apart.

Infidelity behind the scenes

Ironically, about 30% to 60% of many married persons engage in cheating on their partners. Not that I am saying this is your case for sure, but it might be. You never know!

If you’ve been noticing a rift between you and your partner alongside a few red flags that have been compelling you to suspect them of cheating on you, go catch them red-handed this time.

Low sex drive

One of the major problems in partners is going through a period of low sex drive wherein their sexual libido is at minimal. This could again, be a very important reason as to why you and your partner are drifting apart from each other in marriage. Make sure your partner seeks medical aid, in case of such issues.

Excessive Stress

It is no secret that stress can make you give up on a lot of things over time. This could be a reason to think upon. If you suspect stress of being a reason for the drift in your relationship, make sure you sit with your partner and talk to them about it.


If you and your partner are facing drifts in your marriage life, make sure you both put equal efforts in eradicating the problem. Marriages can’t sustain without the endeavor put forth by both partners. If you want it, go get it!




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