21 things to do in Bangalore without spending more than Rs 500

things to do in Bangalore

Bangalore is a city full of activities. Most people in this region love stepping out and having fun. There are many fun activities a person can conduct when on a very fixed tight budget. Here are some activities a person can conduct with less than Rs 500. Come, let’s see what are those 21 things to do in Bangalore on today’s read.

Things to do in Bangalore without spending more.

Lazing around Lalbagh Botanical garden

This is one of the most maintained gardens in Bangalore. A person can have a perfect time with his/her family without spending a lot of cash.

Vidyarthi Bhavan Dosa

You should visit this spot if you Vidyarthi Bhavan Dosa is famous for its Dosa. One Dosa costs roughly Rs 100 per person.

Visiting Bangalore Palace

Bangalore palace offers a perfect opportunity for a person to explore samples of both Tudor and Scottish architecture.

Venkatappa art Gallery

This wonderful art gallery houses a wide variety of arts. They range from important artifacts to sculptures.Furthermore; this building itself presents a perfect architectural design.

Vibe of a flea market

Some exciting flea markets are held on a regular basis here in Bengaluru person can, therefore, spend a lot of hours enjoying activities such as performance and music.

Things to do in Bangalore

Rock climbing or Go karting

A person can enjoy Go karting or Rock climbing under Rs 200. Rock climbing activity is mostly indoors. This is a very interesting activity worth trying out.

Aerospace Museum

A visit to this museum allows you to have a rough idea about the evolution of airplanes. Aerospace Museum contains huge models of airplanes. An adult is charged Rs 30, whereas a child pays Rs 20.

Tipu Sultan Palace

This is an indication that there was once a very powerful king. The god thing about this place is that Indian citizens pay roughly Rs 5.It is definitely worth checking out.

Watching a play at RangaShankara

This is a great platform for talented artists. It has a reputation for offering some engaging activities at a very low cost. The price ranges between Rs 100-Rs 150.However; there are some which are chargeable. This place was created to help promote theater that was slowly dying after the introduction of commercial cinema.

things to do in Bangalore
Tughlaq Play at Rangashankara

Alliance Francaise

Alliance Francaise always has some amazing events worth checking out. Many events are free.However; there are some which are chargeable.

Brahmin’s coffee bar

You can get a perfect breakfast with as low as Rs 16.

things to do in Bangalore

Shivaji Military Hotel

The military hotel offers some native delicacies at very affordable rates.

Atta Galatta, Koramangala

This is a very friendly book café place. It is always free to visit this site.

Nehru Planetarium

Nehru planetarium will enable you to find billions of stars which seem to be lost in the sky. This is a perfect place a person can visit if he/she intends to spend less than Rs 100.

Visiting Maiyas, Jayanagar

This is the place to be, especially if you desire some delicious dosa. This is not only a reliable place but very cheap.

Bangalore has everything in its womb from food points to creative spaces. Money doesn’t matter. What is all needed is your willingness to travel and explore new things. I hope these places are worth adding to your list of ‘ Things to do in Bangalore’.

If you know any other places that can be added to this list then please share with us in the comments below.



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