10 Weird Religious Practices in India you should never question

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India is a very rich country in terms of culture and practices. There are many religious structures ranging from Ancient temples and churches all over India. Most people have been modernized. They have embraced the western culture. However, there are few people who still practice a few weird religious practices in India. Come, let’s take a look at them.

Weird Religious Practices in India

Fire walking

There are some people from South India who celebrate the Theemithi festive by walking across a pit full of glowing charcoal or hot firewood. This practice is carried out in honor of a Hindu goddess called Draupati Amman.

Weird Religious Practices in India


This religious practice is carried out during the thookam festival. The devoted members’ backs are pierced by sharp hooks. These members are later lifted off the ground onto a scaffold using ropes. This weird religious practice originated from the southern parts of India.

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It is carried out in the month of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic calendar. There are some Shi’a Muslims who believe in Self Flagellation in remembrance of the battle of Karbala. They normally use a bunch of chains to flog their naked bodies.

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Weird Religious Practices in India

Bull Fighting

The Indian bull fight is done without the help of either a rope or any weapon. This is one of the most dangerous religious activities in the entire India. It is mostly celebrated during the harvest thanksgiving.

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Widow burning

This disrespectable religious practice started way back in the 17th century. This practice is called Sati. It is where a widow was voluntarily or involuntarily burnt alive next to his husband’s corpse. It is still being practiced by a few people, although the Indian Government banned this activity.

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Food Rolling

There are certain temples in Karnataka which practice food rolling. It is believed to curse away all the skin diseases. Followers are ordered to roll over scraps of foods. This practice has been there for over 500years now.

Weird Religious Practices in India

Baby Tossing

Baby tossing is commonly practiced in December every year. Babies are tossed from a temple roof to a group of men waiting to catch them. This religious practice is mostly attended by married couples who wanted to be blessed with healthier kids.

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Tongue Piercing

Long and sharp needles are used to pierce tongues. This piercing is common in a number of activities. This activity is commonly followed by merrymaking or dancing. This weird religious practice can be traced in some parts of Asia.

Weird Religious Practices in India

Chicken-Shredding exorcisms

Exorcism is carried out in different ways depending on the kind of religion. The slaughtering of a white chicken is one method used. The person in charge of the ceremony smears the bloodiest parts of the chicken around the house. It is believed that spirits or demons are afraid of white chicken.

Female Infanticide

There are some religious cultures which prefer male children than female children. This result in female children being killed or rather set afloat on the river. Illegitimate females were most likely to face Infanticide. However; this practice was abolished in the 19th century.

So this was the list of 10 weird religious practices in India. If you think that these should be banned then leave a comment below.



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