What Is The Rumor Around The North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un? Is He Dead?

The news about the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s health is being speculated in the international media. This is the second time in the year where the rumors about the leader has been widespread.

The last time there were rumors about his death, he made a public appearance and revealed that it was a game of threats, reconciliation, and retreat in order to have the charge of the state for longer. According to Soo Kim, a Rand Corp policy analyst who was previously with the Central Intelligence Agency,


“We need to check our assumptions about leadership. Perhaps we are imposing our own expectations and habitual knowledge about the North Korean regime on the current situation. And if these expectations are false, then we risk drawing faulty or erroneous conclusions about the regime.”


As per many political analysts, the behavior of Kim Jong Un has been suspicious after he acknowledged that people’s living standards in the country have not improved. He has also not attended a third of the public meetings since 2019 and also missed the birthday celebrations of his grandfather. In his public absence, North Korea called their weapon tests in 2020. He has also believed to have transferred some powers to his sister Kim Yo Jong. She proved her credentials after she rebuked South Korea blowing up the 15 million dollar office of the South Korean President’s office to establish the northern side of the border.

Why Is There A Concern?

Even though the state media released “fresh” images of the leader of Wednesday, the rumors of death have continued to persist. Considering the state of media in North Korea, the rumors seem to do not die out. According to Ankit Panda, the Stanton senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace,

“Kim Jon Un’s long absences have been unusual in the context of his general public activities in North Korea. This has obviously led to some very poorly reasoned and supported rumors about his health. But it simply appears that the leader is taking precaution – as so many of us are – during an unprecedented global pandemic.”

The concern over Kim Jong Un’s death is because of the strong nuclear weapon the country has. The death of the dictator will raise concern who will be taking over and who will be responsible for the weapon that can cause massive destruction.



Source: Times of India