North Korea Releases Hollywood-Style Build-up Video For Latest Missile Launch Starring Kim Jong-un

North Korea, which conducted its largest intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test, to mark the occasion, the country released a Hollywood-style movie featuring leader Kim Jong-un.

Hollywood buildup 

According to the reports, the North Korean sponsor television company released a video showing Kim leading its latest missile launch, making a grand entry like nail-biter films. Wearing a black leather jacket coat and aviator glasses, Kim Jong-un looked like a Hollywood celebrity.


The clip reveals Kim Jong walking, looking at his watch, and removing sunglasses. The melodramatic music and glamour shots of the missile called Hwasong-17 were included in the clip leading up to the 10-second countdown to the launch.

The missile is carried out of the hangar and fixed into place. We see an officer yelling into a phone, then a soldier in the field shouts and waves a flag, then a whole group of soldiers starts screaming in a command trailer.

The ICBM takes off, and a red flame follows the end of the missile. As the missile disappears into the sky, Kim cheers with his two assistants, and soldiers in the field celebrate the victorious launch.


Nuclear-capable missile

The television announcer, while the video was playing in the background twice, said, “This was another miraculous victory for the safety of our motherland and endless well-being of all children, despite all kinds of problems and hardships.”

Based on details revealed by the South Korean and Japanese militaries, experts think that the Hwasong-17 could reach targets 15,000 kilometers away, which would mean the entire U.S and Canada. It also seems that the missile can support the payload of a nuclear warhead, revealed an analyst.