South Korea Says Kim Jong Un Did Not Have A Surgery After The Supreme Leader Makes A Public Appearance

A senior official from the South Korean government has revealed that the North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un did not have surgery or any other medical procedure. This statement was made after Kim appeared publicly after a gap of close to 20 days.

Rumors on Kim Jong Un’s Health

After Kim Jong Un was absent from public appearance for around 3 weeks, several news agencies around the world started speculating reports that the 36-year-old Supreme Leader was dead. A few agencies, on the contrary, said that Kim was in a vegetative state after a surgery. However, after North Korea released a video of Kim Jong Un a few days ago, all these rumors were put to rest.


North Korea released a video of Kim

On May 1, via video footage, Kim Jong Un was shown attending the completion ceremony of a fertilizer factory in Pyongyang. The video was broadcast through the official Korean Central News Agency. The footage, thereby, quashed all the rumors regarding Kim’s health condition.

However, even after the footage was released, many noticed Kim Jong Un’s stiffness while walking and pointed out that he may not be fully healthy. Reacting to these rumors, the South Korean Government said that Kim did not have any surgery or medical procedure in the first place.

Although South Korea’s statements have not been famous for their credibility, it has to be noted that, when Kim Jong Un’s death rumors were going around, South Korea Government was one of the very few sources said that the North Korean leader is well and alive.


Source: Free Press Journal