Where is Kim Jong Un?: South Korean Government Advisor Breaks The Silence

North Korea

Contrary to several reports across the globe, a South Korean Government Official has said that North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is ‘well and alive’.

Kim is well & alive

Foreign policy adviser Chung-in Moon said the South Korean Government’s stance regarding Kim’s health is that he is well and alive. It has also been revealed that Kim is staying in the Wonsan area of the country since April 13th. The official further added: “No suspicious movements have so far been detected.


The statement from the adviser is opposite to the news going around the world. While the news of Kim’s death came out from Hong Kong Satellite Television Shijian Xingzou, a Japanese media outlet claimed Kim was in a ‘vegetative state’ after he underwent heart surgery earlier in the month.

Where is Kim Jong Un?

A major topic that has been doing rounds is regarding the whereabouts of the 36-year-old leader. Kim’s last public appearance was on April 11th, when he had presided over a meeting. Since then, he has been absent from the media. Notably, he also missed the birth anniversary of North Korea’s founding father, his grandfather, Kim Il Sung, on April 15, a move that is considered blasphemy in the country.

However, there has been news developing in this regard. A source has mentioned that Kim had undergone medical treatment in the resort county of Hyangsan north of the capital Pyongyang. A few reports have come out that suggest that Kim could be staying in the Wonsan area of the country. The reason for that is because a special train, that is exclusively meant for Kim’s usage, was spotted in Wonsan.


Source: Daily Mail