Twitter Slams Media That Reached Sushant Singh Rajput’s Family Home To ‘Report News’

The news of the passing away of Bollywood Actor Sushant Singh Rajput is a massive setback to his and the Bollywood fraternity. The actor was reportedly driven by depression to commit suicide at his residence today.

Media reaches Sushant’s house in Patna

With the tragic news just sinking in, a few media channels reached Sushant’s house in Patna, and pestered his father and uncle to provide a ‘family statement’ about the news. Especially the way in which the anchor behaved during this act was extremely disgusting. There was absolutely no privacy that the channel tried to give to the bereaved family.


Twitter slams the channel

Twitter users wasted no time in roasting the channel, which had gotten itself to do such an act. Several users requested the channels to refrain from giving trouble to the family, which is already suffering from the loss. Here are some of the tweets that were directed against a few channels for their insensitive behavior:

Well, this seems to show how low a few of the channels have stooped in the never-ending race of TRP’s. At least, in such sensitive situations, these channels must give morality a higher preference than their professions.