This Guy From The Roadies Parody Meme Is The Director Of Panchayat

Deepak Kumar Mishra, who recreated the role of Raghu Ram in the Roadies spoof series by TVF, is the director of Panchayat season 2.

Director Of Panchayat

Phulera, a small village made a special place in the lives of the audience as they enjoyed the story of rural life. In collaboration with TVF, Panchayat is a simple slice of life story which depicted the on-ground reality of rural India.


After the success of the series, Netizens have found out the director of Panchayat season 2. They have found Deepak Kumar Mishra who had played the role of Raghu Ram in a Roadies parody series.

‘Panchayat’ is a simple slice-of-life story that showed the on-ground reality of rural India. After the release of Season 2, director Deepak Kumar Mishra explained why he named it ‘Panchayat’.


“A panchayat in India is the personification of what village life is. I wanted to revive the viewers’ fondness for classic shows and relate that to reality. When we were kids, we grew up watching shows like Malgudi Days and Panchatantra,” he said.


“This had the essence of small Village culture. We aimed to show the new-age generation what we grew up watching back in the day. Panchayat’s name connects viewers to their motherlands,” he adds.

He further stated that it was long due for the new generation to experience a show similar to the environment the earlier generations grew up watching.

Roadies parody

Previously, Mishra was also the face of the famous “Bho***ke Ma*******d Machhar Ki J****t G**du T***o Ke Saudagar” meme from that one famous TVF Roadies parody. Now, netizens have found out that Mishra is indeed the director of this brilliant web series and they simply took to Twitter to share their appreciation for Mishra’s wide-ranging talent.


From complimenting his acting skills in the spoof series based on Roadies to pointing out his cameo roles in different TVF series, people made a Twitter thread that praised Deepak Kumar Mishra.