These Two Heart-Breaking Scenes Show They And We Are Not The Same

Panchayat 2 was all about a city boy that sets his foot in Phulera due to his government job and becomes an important part of the village and its people. But, the aspect that makes Deepak Kumar Mishra’s directional remarkable is the climax scene, which made Panchayat 2 more special. Well, this is not the first time a movie or a series had a Heart-Breaking scene. A movie like Rang De Basanti too made us weep with a similar scene.

Heart-Breaking scene

Everyone who watched Rang De Basanti for the first time, while being young and still was not aware of how awful this world can be, dreamt of living a life like that shown in the film. We all wanted to circle around the India Gate at night, or even kill someone for our friend or this country. Each and every part of Rang De Basanti’s movie touched our hearts and more than that, they remained stuck in our minds forever.


Like Panchayat 2 climax, Rang De Basanti too portrayed the lives of soldiers. The risks the army men undertake in battles, and the hardship their families undergo after the death of the warrior. This is exactly what Amir Khan’s film had reportedly displayed.

Somewhere along the way, the film illustrates a MiG-21 crash, in which Flight Lieutenant Ajay Rathod, played by actor Madhavan, is killed. The movie also hints at the political drama behind the death of a soldier.

It takes some nerves to show politicians as corrupt and demonstrate the unusual crashes of MIG-21 fighter aircraft which the Indian Air Force has suffered in the last decades. But, the scene surely made us cry and was heartbreaking.


Emotional ending


This season in Panchayat 2 also had an emotional ending to the series. The story introduced a character, who is mostly absent yet essential to the plot—Prahlad’s son Rahul, who is a serving soldier in the Indian Army. On the day before the prayer, the ceremony is about to begin, and while drinking beer with his friends, Prahlad receives a call informing him of the sudden demise of his son, who was posted in Kashmir.

The whole scene of the village changes, as the media and then the martyr’s body, arrive for ceremonial rituals. Everyone gathers around a Prahlad to pay respect to his son, as army personnel also send the young man off with gun salutes. This scene had moved the entire country to tears.

Coming to Rang De Basanti, a film that was released in 2006, opened doors to the imagination of more than a fulfilled college life. It offered the young viewers an idea of how they can achieve anything and everything that they want. More than that, they made the young minds believe how awful this world can be.