It’s Not Phulera, It’s Mahodiya – A Village Where Panchayat Series Was Shot

Panchayat Season 2, starring Jitendra Kumar has been winning the hearts of the people. The comedy series follows the story of a village secretary at the Phulera and portrays a lively village life. The amazing success of the web series has made fans even more interested to find out where the Panchayat was shot.

Panchayat series shooting location

TVF’s Panchayat series talks about Abhishek Tripathi and his stories in the village of Phulera. While Phulera is a real village in Uttar Pradesh, that’s not where the series was shot. In fact, Panchayat’s Phulera is actually a village in Madhya Pradesh, called Mahodiya. It is reported that the cast had no place to stay in Mahodiya, so they would drive down from the nearest town to shoot the series in the village.


Mahodiya is situated in the Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh, which is the central part of the country, known for its natural beauty and wildlife. The village is 9 km away from Sehore. The village was spotted by a Twitter user, who used the satellite view of the village and shared the image on social media, marking the famous water tank, that’s featured in the show.

Remote village

The places whose coordinates were Googled include the series’ famous ‘Fakoli bazaar’ and ‘Bonrakas ka ghar’. The latter place was of particular interest to people on Twitter. It is said that the temperature of the village always remains around 31 degrees celsius.

Jitendra Kumar, who plays the role of Abhishek Tripathi, had earlier spoken about his experience shooting in the remote village. He said that the team used to travel early morning to the village from a nearby town and film the series until dark. He also revealed what he misses the most about the village life while he stays in a city. He said that in the village, he gets to experience the morning, afternoon, and evening of a day, unlike in the city where people lead fast lives.