10 Brilliant Scenes From Panchayat Season 2 Which Are Pure Heart And Honest

Panchayat 2 is the continuation of the story about Abhishek Tripathi who sets his foot in Phulera due to his government job and becomes a crucial part of the village and its people. But the aspects that make Deepak Kumar Mishra’s directional remarkable are the humor, relatable and emotional contents. Here are some of those slice-of-life scenes that made us laugh and cry.

Spoiler Alert!


A street dancer gives Abhishek a dose of reality

In one of the scenes, Abhishek meets a woman from a local dancing troop. Seeing the noticeable disgust, and even lustful state, in which people treat her, makes him ask her why she chose to be a street dancer.

The girl gives a befitting reply to both Sachiv Ji and the viewers. She explains some standpoints by saying that “everyone is indeed dancing by their respective circumstances.” This survival thing is not uncommon in India, and Abhishek is made to realize that he too is immersed in a sort of dance to survive till he gets selected for an MBA.

A lesson from the drunkard

Abhishek gets a bit of similar advice from a drunkard this time. In another instance when the jeep driver appointed to run an anti-liquor campaign himself turns up in a drunken state and has to be harbored at the panchayat office.


After pointing out the driver’s drinking habits, Abhishek is told off by the driver that he can turn into a drunkard later on in life when he has to support a family with an underpaid job. “When you earn little and have to look after a family, you becoming a drunkard is inevitable,” said the driver.


Vinod, a villager, hasn’t received the toilet allotted to him by the Panchayat, and when Abhishek tries to deliver it himself, Vikas accidentally breaks it.

Vinod who is in the mood for rebellion decides to defecate in the field when the District Magistrate is surveying to get Brij into trouble. Meanwhile, Vikas and Prahlad are on a mission to stop Vinod from doing that. They somehow manage to convince Vinod but the three were soon busted by the officer and the scene ultimately ended up in a strange way. To pacify Vinod and everyone who defecates in the open, they are allowed to use Brij’s toilet, much to his irritation.


Abhishek defends his friendship with the Pradhan

In this season, we have an Arturo Román of our own. A new character named Bhushan is brought to the light and his prior mission is to separate Abhishek and Pradhan. Nevertheless, Sachiv Ji stands up to his bully after a series of chance meetings and declares that he would not give up his friendships, no matter what. And the way he puts back the Lauki (Gourd) in his bike is the highlight of the scene.

When Rinky asks Abhishek’s help

We all have been waiting to experience a love story between Rinky and Sarpanch Ji in Season 2. However, only a glimpse was seen in this series. It all started when Rinky visited the Panchayat office and was looking for Abhishek. She wanted a favor from him. Rinky explains how a man (who was supposed to be Rinky’s fiance) is making frequent calls and disturbing her space.

Abhishek, who was listening to this patiently, comes up with a plan. He calls that lousy man and pretends to be a police officer. Abhishek warns him of strict action if he continues to bother her ever again. After this, both Abhishek and Rinky had a few sips of tea and some nervous conversation.


When Pradhan Ji goes face to face with the Vidhayak

Brij Bhushan Dubey realizes that he failed to stand up for his friend in front of the Vidhayak last time. In an attempt to make damage control he stands firmly against the rude Vidhayak and rightly roars at him. However, they are eventually thrown out of the house by his bodyguards. But Pradhan Ji had to fight for his friends.

The CCTV for the Panchayat office

The CCTV for the Panchayat office is finally nestled, but it promotes insignificant demands, such as tracking goats and slippers.

When Kranti Devi’s purple slippers are stolen, she and Bhushan demand to check the footage. It turns out that Manju Devi wore them and left accidentally as the color was almost the same.

This gives the two the perfect opportunity to stand against Brij and Manju. Meanwhile, Abhishek made an attempt to return the slippers by throwing but ends up hitting Kranti Devi, the situation is now escalated. Bhushan and Kranti Devi vow to take vengeance by overthrowing them as the Pradhan of the village.


Rural young men enrolling in the Army

Before Rahul’s body was brought for the last rites, we see two officials discussing what drives men from rural areas to enroll in the Army. The hard-hitting moment reveals the reality of our country in a matter of seconds.

One officer asks another, “Why is it that these rural boys often take up an army job?” Answering the question, the other officer has a hard-hitting fact. He says, “Who else do you think could agree to offer their life for only Rs 20k or 30k salary.”

Being a parent of the martyred

Panchayat’ Season 2 brilliantly highlighted how, the loss of a loved one, even if it is a life of a soldier, is still the loss of a loved one. And when it’s the death of a child, grief and distress become your lifelong companions, irrespective of how the world may treat you.

Prahlad deals with the grief of losing his son

After all the humor and profound events, Panchayat 2 ended on a rather sorrowful note. At the end of the season, Prahlad’s son, who was in the army posted in Kashmir, dies a martyr. And the father, who has no one now, is left to handle the grief of losing his son. You can’t stop yourself from crying in this episode. Nevertheless, his friends, and almost the whole village, come to stand by his side in the tough times, which makes for a memorable, yet heartwrenching, ending scene.