Himani Bundela, The First Visually Impaired To Win KBC 13,Here’s The Story

Each year the Indian quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati builds up a lot of hype and celebrations with amazing contestants across the country. This time it’s the 13th edition of KBC, which had an opportunity to host a visually impaired contestant, who won a whopping sum of ₹1 crore. she was not blind since childhood, but after she met with an accident she lost her vision.

Himani Bundela- A Special Genius

Himani Bundela is a visually impaired, 25-year-old, hailing from the city of Agra. Bundela shared her story on Josh Talks after her incredible win on the popular quiz show. Himani shared that she started watching KBC at the age of nine and it was a dream to meet Amitabh Bachchan. The 25-year-old also narrated the incident that left her visually impaired at the age of 15.


“One day when I was going to coaching classes, I met with an accident. I suffered physical injuries but it affected my eyes too. When I went to the doctor, he informed my family tha6 my retina had been detached. The first 6 months of my life were terrible, my entire family was shocked.” she added.

Himani Wants To Contribute To The Handicap community

The actual trouble for Bundela began when she was seeking admissions for her graduation, as none of the colleges were ready to accept a blind candidate and after a lot of ruckus ,she managed to find one which encourages visually imapaired students to pursue education. That is when she knew that she wanted to represent the handicapped community.

Himani Bundela plans to use the money she won on the show to open a coaching class where differently-abled and normal kids will study together and in fact her dream will come true as she goes back home with a dream money of ₹1 crore.


Bundela said that ever since she was a young girl she used to gather her friends and play KBC. That’s when her command over general knowledge began. Himani said that she was quite nervous when she was waiting to answer the ‘fastest finger’ as she was differently-abled. But she mustered up her courage and thought that she was here to make her family and handicap community proud.