Study Finds That Women Are Better And Safer Drivers Than Men

source: rediff

Social media has always been sarcastic towards women driving on roads. For a decade, Jokes and memes were shared all over the internet justifying about how females were terrible behind the wheels. However, a new study has rubbished all the harsh remarks made by netizens and has declared women to be better drivers than men.


Women make fewer mistakes on roads than men

A new study has revealed that, of 5,39,000 convicted of breaking the law on roads, a surprising 79 percent were men. Meanwhile, when it comes to breaking the common law, men had placed a crown at the top of their heads.

source: rediff

And not just that, the study also says that just 1 percent have been caught in a drink-drive case compared to 5 percent of men.

Most number of the vehicle insurance claim

In 2018 there were 1.4 million insurance claims due to road accidents and it is men who have dominated the list as they have made twice the claims as compared to women. The study found that they are also more likely to be “at fault” than women are when making a claim.

source: huffpost

The only place where men looked a bit more superior is the driving test. Of the 1.6 million people in England and Wales who took their test last year, 55 percent failed – 31 percent of whom were women and 24 percent of whom were men. Meanwhile, 45 percent of people who passed were comprised of 22 percent women and 23 percent men.




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