This Scene From Netflix’s ‘Mai’ ; Divided Opinion On Woke Culture Is Going Viral

A scene from Netflix’s Mai is going viral for showing how women have to work while grieving. Twitter, however, seems divided in opinions. Some call it the truth of society while some call it a propaganda series.

Netflix series ‘Mai’

A scene from actor Sakshi Tanwar’s new Netflix series ‘Mai’ has recently got netizens’ attention. The scene in Mai shows how Sheel (Sakshi Tanwar) has to make Tea for the guest at her own daughter’s funeral. She has to prioritize serving the guest over taking a moment to grieve the loss of her own child.


The scene depicts the women of our country having to perform their ‘kitchen’ duties even amidst the grief of their child’s death. In ‘Mai’, Tanwar takes the role of a middle-class mother who sees the death of her daughter by a speeding truck. The particular tragedy forced the mourning mother to uncover the truth about the death of her daughter.

Twitter Reactions

The particular scene caught Netizens’ attention. Some appreciated the series for bringing out issues women face in society, while some criticized the makers for deceiving the Hindu culture.

Here are some responses that netizens shared regarding this scene from Netflix’s Mai on Twitter:


A user shared, “Serve the guests. Complete the customs. Make arrangements for people who show up to ‘share condolences’. The strangest part about death is that you never even get to grieve without feeling guilty.”

Another one wrote, “There is moment in Mai, on Netflix, when a mother has to make tea for the guests at her own daughter’s funeral. It was the remainder of the kind of the labour we expect from woman. She has to prioritize serving the guests over taking a moment to grieve the loss of her own child.”

The third one wrote, “#AntiHindu #netflix should first learn that Hindus don’t touch the stove while mourning a death. Criminals on #mai named Mohan, Shankar but honest police officer & passionate lover named Farooq. Netflix repeatedly makes it obvious with the efforts Then they cry for existence.