I Like Women’s Bodies But Not Their Brains: Ram Gopal Verma

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has shifted his base to Goa from Mumbai and has received criticism several times for his tweets and films. Earlier, he said to Suchitra Krishnamoorthy during a Twitter banter that he likes women’s bodies and not their brains. When in an interview Times of India asked him on his stance on the same, he said that the same thing is mentioned in his book, Gun and Thighs, and he still maintains his statement.

He further added, “The brain does not have a gender. A woman can have it, a man can have it. The sexual aspect is very particular and specific. A woman has an extra thing which is her sensuality and which I admire.”


When asked about his equation with Karan Johar after the ‘Bhoot; The Haunted Ship’ row, he said, “I last chatted with him when I let him have the title ‘Bhoot’ for his film ‘Bhoot- The Haunted Ship’. After that, there has been no communication between us even on Twitter. I think the media played up our banter a bit too much.”

Talking about his base shift to Goa, he said, “Goa is best suited for the kind of projects I am looking at. My office ‘Factory’ is not in Mumbai anymore. I was in Hyderabad for a major part of the lockdown but have shifted out of Mumbai in the past few months. Everyone has got used to a different way of communicating; personal meetings are a thing of the past. Everybody is talking and doing meetings on online chats”.

Meanwhile, on the work front, he will release his horror film 12 o’Clock which stars Mithun Chakraborty, Manav Kaul and Flora Saini. Revealing about Mithun’s role, he said, “He plays a psychiatrist who encounters the supernatural but being a man of science, cannot come to terms with it. Despite being the intense actor that he is, Mithun has never played a role like this in his career.


Then there’s Makrand Deshpande, who plays a peon whose daughter claims that she’s responsible for the spate of serial killings happening in the city. People don’t know if she is mentally challenged or a psychopath. The movie was shot before the coronavirus pandemic shut us indoors and the remaining parts were filmed in Hyderabad.”

Source: India.com