Some Lime Light For The Brahmins Of Karnataka, Government Soon To Issue Caste And Income Certificates

Yes! You heard that right. A new Change in Karnataka is set to change the lives of the Brahmin community members. The Karnataka government will soon start issuing caste and income certificates to Brahmins since their community falls under the category of minorities.


The Karnataka State Brahmin Development Board was set up in March 2019 as a state-run company with Rs 5 crore authorized capital and Rs 5 crore equity and is registered with the Registrar of Companies.


“The Board has petitioned the state government to implement the 10 percent quota for the economically weaker sections, as its benefit is being given by the central government jobs and in admissions to the national educational institutions,” said its chairman H.S. Sachidananda Murthy.

Responding to the demand, state Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa said the state government would consider issuing caste certificates to the Brahmins so that they too can benefit from the state’s various welfare schemes.

“Though Brahmins belong to the forward community, they are economically weaker and need financial support,” said Yediyurappa on Wednesday after unveiling the Board’s official website for all its stakeholders here.

Brahmins account for a mere three percent of the southern state’s seven crore population. Their gross annual family income is less than Rs 8 lakh per annum will be eligible for the benefit schemes.

“The Board will soon be authorized to issue caste and income certificates to the members of the Brahmin community so that they can also benefit from the schemes,” the Chief Minister said.

Yediyurappa said the Board would be empowered to serve the Brahmins. “The Board also proposes to provide interest-free loans to the financially weaker sections of the people in the Brahmin community,” added Murthy.