Karnataka Government Launches Skill Connect Portal To Connect Job Seekers And Employers

On Monday, Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa launched a portal called ‘Skill Connect Forum’ that will effectively connect job seekers and providers.

The Skill Development, Entrepreneurship, and Livelihood department said that the portal will help an unemployed person develop a skill and then be made available to get a job on the portal. The timing of the move is very crucial as the state has been forced to economic uncertainty due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. The state had hoped for a better position after it opened up its economic sector as a part of the first phase of the Unlock but the cases have only raised and caused more trouble for the state. The lockdown has forced many to be without jobs. However, this is not limited to the state alone as the country itself is facing an economic crisis.


Skill Connect (1)
Courtesy: New Indian Express

As a part of the economic reformation, the state has been meddling with various amendments and labor laws in the Industrial sector in order to improve the ease of the business by attracting more investors which will then generate jobs. The Skill Connect Forum provides information on the availability of jobs. The Deputy Chief Minister of State Dr. CN Ashwath Narayan said,

“All these years, there was no information and communication between job seekers and recruiters. The portal will solve that problem.”

A Move To Boost Economy

The platform can be used by an individual and by a company. An individual can log into the portal by registering himself through uploading the qualifications and skillsets he possesses. The company, on the other hand, can sign up and put out the job requirements. If both requirements and availability are matched, the employer can employ the individual.

The state government has already begun making necessary amendments and revamping certain laws to attract investors. Many procedures have been made easier for companies to acquire land and begin production. The state government also amended the Karnataka Industries Facilitation Act 2002 to scrap the statutory nods required to begin construction and other works. All this is an attempt by the state government to boost the economy that has seen a massive dent due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



Source: Livemint