Karnataka Government Cancels Tipu Jayanti Celebrations In The State With Immediate Effects

Karnataka government on a major decision has canceled Tipu Jayanti celebration on Tuesday. The Yediyurappa lead BJP canceled the birth anniversary celebration saying that previously there was no such tradition in the state.

BS Yediyurappa state-led Govt’s major decision 

The birthday celebration of Mysuru ruler began in 2016 and since was celebrated every year on 10th November. It was the Congress government who took this decision to honor the ruler in the state.


Kannada and Culture department in an order said that the ‘Hazrat Tipu Sultan Jayanti’ is canceled with immediate effect. Confirming the move of the BS Yediyurappa government with a tweet, BJP Karnataka said: “Our Govt has canceled observing controversial & communal Tippu Jayanti.”

Previously, BJP has been opposing Tipu Sultan celebrations since it came to act, the saffron party viewed him as a “cruel dictator” and “anti-Hindu”. Chief Minister Yediyurappa claimed that the decision to celebrate Mysuru ruler Tipu Sultan’s birthday was intentional and a part of Siddaramaiah’s vote bank policy.

Celebration canceled with immediate effect

Tipu Sultan was a ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore and a pioneer of rocket artillery. He was termed an implacable enemy of the British East India Company. However, he died on May 1799 while defending his fort of Srirangapatna against the British forces.


It all started when a senior BJP leader and former speaker KG Bopaiah wrote to the current Chief Minister requesting to cancel the Tipu Jayanti celebration every year. Hence, the decision was taken at a Cabinet meeting along with BS Yediyurappa on Monday.

Showing disapproval, the former Chief Minister and Karnataka Congress Party head Siddaramaiah said that it was part of the “anti-minority” ideology of the BJP. “It is myopic to see Tipu as a minority icon alone. He fought the British and contributed immensely to the development of Mysore region,” he said.