Shashi Tharoor Calls Self-Reliant’ India Mission A ‘Repackaged’ Version of the ‘Make In India’ Campaign

In a tweet posted earlier today, Congress Leader Shashi Tharoor took a jibe at PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Self-Reliant’ India Mission by saying that the campaign is nothing new, but just a repackaged version of the ‘Make In India’ Campaign.

PM Modi’s ‘Self-Reliant’ India Mission

Yesterday, PM Narendra Modi appeared in front of the country, after almost a month, to deliver a message regarding the state of affairs in the country, and also about the future steps that are being planned. In the message, the Prime Minister announced a massive relief package of Rs 20 Lakh crores, which, as he stressed, will help India fight back the faltering economy.


Mr. Modi highlighted that India must become self-reliant in the coming days, and also said that this was the only option to ensure that the 21st century belonged to the nation. As part of the ‘Self-Reliant’ Mission, Modi requested the citizens to prefer local products to the maximum.

Shashi Tharoor takes a jibe at PM Modi

The Congress MP posted a tweet today, which consisted of a Hindi couplet. It roughly translates to: “He sold the old couplet/lion with a new name; He sold piles of dreams again.

Shashi Tharoor mentioned that PM Modi’s latest mission is just the ‘Make In India’ campaign, being expressed in other words. It needs to be seen as to how the other BJP leaders would respond to the statement.


Source: Times of India