Actor Prakash Raj Takes A Dig At PM Modi; Points Out The ‘Unnecessary Aggressive Appearance’ Of Lions In The National Emblem

The national emblem atop the new parliament building that was revealed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has courted controversy over its appearance. Actor Prakash Raj targeted Prime Minister and blamed him for making new changes in the sculpture.

Unnecessarily aggressive appearance

A statue of India’s national emblem, revealed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi atop the country’s new parliament, has been slammed by netizens for its “unnecessarily aggressive” appearance.


The State Emblem of India has four lions mounted back to back on a circular abacus. The frieze of the abacus is decorated with sculptures in high relief of an elephant, a galloping horse, a bull, and a lion separated by moderating Dharma Chakras. The abacus rests on a bell-shaped lotus.

People were quick to suggest that the creatures had been given intentionally “aggressive” expressions and sharpened teeth, describing the alleged move as a symbol of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s politics.


Many on social media criticized PM Narendra Modi for creating an aggressive, muscular lion as shown in the newly unveiled one.


“BJP is changing the face of India. Ashoka’s Lion Capital bears the history of justice, peace, and non-violence, and to turn it around a complete 180° and make it a snarling, vicious image is another ploy at erasing/ rewriting/ distorting history. Who authorized this change?” a Twitter user asked.

Meanwhile, actor Prakash Raj also pointed out the same and highlighted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s politics.

Here’s what he Tweeted: