TCS, Infosys, HCL Refuse To Start 100% Work From Office; Most Of Them Are Unable To Recall Employees

With COVID cases increasing gradually in India, major IT firms are unable to start 100% work from the office. With this, companies like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys, and HCL Tech have announced their plans to continue the hybrid working policy for their employees.

Organizations are unable to call staff

According to a survey conducted by CIEL HR, the data showed that despite best efforts, over 50% of IT organizations are unable to call staff back to the office. The survey adds that only 30% of businesses still permit employees to work from home.


With the rising COVID cases in the country, employees do not want to take a risk. The 24 hours, the country has registered 17,073 new coronavirus infections bringing the total up to 4,34,07,046. Also, the number of active cases has now gone up to 94,420.

Meanwhile, the survey was conducted across 40 companies that have a workforce of more than 9 lakh workers.

The Survey

Companies like TCS have already informed that it plans to use a hybrid way of working, which mixes working from an office and working from home. In a message to the staff, it recently described the 3Es (Enable, Embrace, and Empower) of its hybrid strategy. The business is currently primarily operated remotely.


TCS also informed its staff in the letter that there are too many environmental distractions when working from home, including caring for pets, housework, and children’s academics. Without a distinct division between work and home, it is very likely that one will adopt an “always online” mode.

Infosys however has a three-phase strategy for remote work. Employees who live near development centers (DCs) or work in upcountry towns adjacent to DCs are encouraged to come to the office twice a week during the initial phase of the program.

The company would urge those who are not in the DC towns to start making plans over the coming months to see whether they can return to their base development centers in the second phase, according to its Chief Financial Officer Nilanjan Roy.


He said, “In the long term, we are looking a the hybrid model on work, depending upon the clients, regulatory environment, and a number of other considerations.”

Whereas, the spokesperson of HCL Technologies has said that the safety and well-being of its employees and their families is one of the company’s top goals.