Modi’s ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ Is Confusing, Destroys Livelihood Of Kadi Workers: Prakash Raj

Actor and politician Prakash Raj claimed that the BJP is betraying the Khadi workers by distributing polyester national flags for the ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ campaign. He also said the nationalism of the BJP government doesn’t make any sense.

Prakash Raj questions BJP

Speaking at a press conference at Mysuru on Monday, Prakash Raj said the center’s idea of nationalism and their love for the country is confusing. The 57-year-old also claimed that the BJP was daunting the livelihood of khadi workers.


“I do not get the BJP’s idea of nationalism and their love for the country. If they love India so much, they must focus on bringing down the inflated prices and creating employment opportunities for the country’s youth. Ever since our Independence, the khadi workers in the country have been making our national flags and now the polyester flags distributed by the BJP government will only daunt their livelihood,” he said.

Taxpayers’ money

The actor also alleged that the ruling party is not letting small-scale industries survive in the country by charging exorbitant taxes.

“The poor bidi workers put their blood and sweat to roll the bidis and this government has imposed 28 percent tax on them. Is this the love of the BJP for the country and its people?” asks Raj adding, “The roads are fixed only when the prime minister visits the place, and otherwise, the damaged roads are ignored. The taxpayer’s money is entirely going into the drain as they daily commute through the pathetic roads and break their bones. No person is above the taxpayer in democracy and we should stop treating leaders like they are kings.”


The actor recently donated an ambulance to CSI Holdsworth Memorial Hospital in Mysuru titled – Appu Express. The ambulance is said to be in the memory of late Kannada actor Dr. Puneeth Rajkumar and he donated it through his Prakash Raj Foundation.