Ready To Work At Lesser Salaries Or Even Quit, Employees Want Only WFH: Survey

Employees post the pandemic are ready to give up their job and even work at a reduced salary but are not ready to go to office. This has been provided by a survey conducted by CIEL HR Services.

More facts

The CIEL HR Services is an employment and consultancy firm that has conducted this survey on about 2000 employees from about 620 companies. Out of a sample of 10 employees 6 of them were not ready to go to office and strictly wanted to work from home.


The employees also rejected the offer of a hike in the salary and better working conditions as well. Since it is more convenient to work from home and moving to their hometowns has reduced the cost of living and standards as well for them.

They are also of the opinion that the companies should consider this and get the work done in a better manner as this will be a win win situation. Two years have been heavy on the mental framework, our work environment and the challenges have be considered better is what is being said.

26% of the employees have also opted for the hybrid model and said that it is also a better option to be considered. Since the pandemic is around the corner and situation can go from bad to worse at any moment, it has to be considered is what has been reported.