100 Percent Work From Home, Salary Hike Included – Here’s TCS’ new work policy

With the coronavirus situation improving gradually across the country, private and corporate companies are encouraging employees to return to their offices. However, some firms like TCS are reportedly considering continuing with the hybrid model of working for employees.

8% of employees to work in the office

India’s most valuable company TCS has announced that it is going to call its employees to the office starting this month. As per the latest update, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) want only 8 percent of its employees to work from the office.


This is the good news for lots of TCS employees who want to continue the work-from-home culture. The company also wants that particular 8 percent of employees to work at the office only for the 3 days a week. The remaining 2 days out of the total 5 days working per week, they can work from home.

With the 6 lakh TCS employees, reports say that it’s just going to be the top executives who will be called to the office. We have learned that only 50,000 top-level employees will be called to the office for 3 days a week. The senior associates of the company are considered to come to the office from April, as per Rajesh Gopinathan, TCS CEO and MD.

However, the number of employees who are called to the office shall increase gradually. Most of the employees (80 percent) will start working from the office soon, said the CEO.


Salary hike

Coming to the salary hike, TCS has informed its employees that they can expect a salary hike of 6-8 percent in the financial year 2022-23. It is the exact hike that was given last financial year.

In the last quarter of FY 2021-22 (January-March), 35,209 new employees have been appointed by TCS. For a single quarter, this is the highest number ever.

1,03,546 fresh employees have got jobs in the company in the last financial year. This is also a record to date. With this, the number of employees of TCS has reached 5,92,195.