Quarantine Time: 12 Sakkath Kannada Entertainers Available For Free On Youtube

free kannada movies on youtube

While the OTT’s have become our preferred ground for entertainment, nothing can match the impact of some free streaming experience on YouTube. A few remarkable movies are freely available on YT, and if you are someone who does not own an OTT account, we have a watch-list cooked with this tasty ingredient.

In this series, we talk about some old under-rated Kannada films and a few classic entertainers, all of which are absolutely free to watch on the legendary website.


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Gowri Ganesha

Essentially a con-man’s story, Gowri Ganesha is available on YT, and laughs are still guaranteed. The film stars Anant Nag and Master Anand in primary roles.

free kannada movies on youtube

Ellaranthalla Nanna Ganda

Long before Vishnuvardhan and Prema created magic with Yajamaana, the duo did well in the 1997 film ‘Ellaranthalla Nanna Ganda’ too. There is a gripping plot about authoritarianism and politics inside the movie, which could succeed in entertaining many of us.


free kannada movies on youtube

Yadurmane Ganda Pakkada Mane Hendthi

Although the title itself speaks the core-point of the movie, there is plenty of stuff left in the movie that will get you rolling over the floor.

Maduve Maadu Tamashe Nodu

If you are looking for your jaw to drop with a captivating family-drama, Maduve Madu Tamashe Nodu starring Vishnuvardhan and Arathi must be the next movie on your watch-list.

free kannada movies on youtube

Vasantha Geetha

A 1980-classic, Dr. Rajkumar is the hero of this movie, which speaks plenty about love, and the relationship between a husband and a wife.


free kannada movies on youtube

Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma

Truly a classic in its own sense, a couple decides to pretend their marriage to win in a ‘match-testing’ competition. Dr. Rajkumar is at his usual best in this movie.

Kothigalu Saar Kothigalu

Yet another series starring the famous trio, this movie deals with 3 men who decide to have a relationship outside of their marriage. While the one-line story might seem a bit dramatic, what is in store for you inside the film is completely different.


There is plenty of drama and even more scenes exploring the dad-daughter relationship which will keep you completely hooked for the entire run time.


Rama Shama Bhama

An absolute riot that scores full points when telecast on TV too, Ramesh Aravind’s ‘Rama Shama Bhama’ must be the numero-uno choice if you are on the lookout for clean entertainment.

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Yarigu Helbedi

Do tell everyone of this movie, but only after enjoying the hilarious antics of a ‘fraud’ on Youtube at the earliest.

Guru Shishyaru

Let alone the entire movie, each of the individual scenes in the movie have a separate fan-base and evokes laughter even now after many generations have transcended.


Preethi Maadu Tamashe Nodu

It is a poor boy – rich girl love story, but with a real twist which generates the conflict in this story. Legendary Shankar Nag sits at the top of this movie, with a terrific performance.