Padma Shri For Adnan Sami: A Great Move Or An Unnecessary Act To Make A Damage Control?

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Adnan Sami, who is an Indian citizen now, has been chosen for the Padma Shri award among 118 other famous personalities. His addition to the list has not been received positively by a section of society. Meanwhile, twitter questions his contribution to India.

Adnan Sami for Padma Shri 

Adnan Sami, born in London, applied for Indian citizenship in 2015 and finally became a citizen of the country in January 2016. He was one of the 118 people whose names were declared on Saturday for the Padma Shri awards, with the Ministry of Home Affairs list showing his home state to be Maharashtra.


Nawab Malik, Maharashtra Minorities Development Minister, and NCP spokesperson said that the move was a disrespect to the 130 crore Indians. It is literally a damage control act by the NDA government as it faces questions over the CAA, NRC, and NPR.

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He further said that any Pakistani citizen can now get Indian citizenship by chanting ‘Jai Modi’.

“If somebody from Pakistan chants ‘Jai Modi’, he can now get citizenship of India as well as a Padma Shri award. Selection of Sami for the award is a damage control exercise,” said Malik.


Son of Pakistan army soldier

Popular faces like Barkha Dutt also questioned the center’s decision to give away the award to a person who’s father was an army soldier who fought against India in the 1965 war.

She took to Twitter and wrote, “Adnan Sami’s father was a professional soldier in the Pakistani military. Per se that is no reflection on his son. But would the same right-wing apply that generosity to anyone else of accomplishment linked to the Pakistan Army? It is their hypocrisy that steers criticism, not Sami.”

Not just Barkha, several twitter users disagreed with governments’ move.


Adnan Sami’s response

Responding to such critic, Sami said that people need to learn and not mix the two things. People need to realize that this is an extraordinary moment in his life as well as in his family’s life.

“You cannot hold a son accountable for the acts of his father and the father cannot be held responsible for the acts of his son,” Sami told in a report.


“As far as my father is concerned, he was an honorable soldier. He displayed patriotism for his country and I am proud of that. I learned many lessons from him on how to be a loyal citizen,” he said.

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“Today I happen to be a proud Indian. My patriotism and loyalty are towards my beloved country and me getting the award is purely on my merit as a musician and has nothing to do with my connection with my father,” said Sami.

Sami, born in London, first arrived in India on a one-year visitor’s visa on March 13, 2001. He was granted Indian citizenship with effect from January 1, 2016, after his Pakistani passport expired on May 26, 2015, and was not renewed there. Sami had requested the Centre to approve his status on humanitarian grounds.

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“If you have problems with the government on other stuff, then by all means. But to bring in an unnecessary issue like an award into this context is most adverse and extraordinarily undignified,” he said.


Sami said that he received the award in the field of art, which is “beyond boundaries and is above everything”.

“People need to understand and not mix the two things,” he said, referring to art and politics. “If people want to do it, then so be it. It doesn’t change my positivity.”