Is Donald Trump caught in a Catch 22 situation?

How would you feel about a friend whom you supported for 65 years stabbing you in the back and going for a meeting with his sworn enemy? Did the thought raise the hairs on your skin? Are you not able to think out of the box? Well, do you think the same thought would have passed in the minds of the great at-present American President, Donald J Trump? Because his friend, South Korean premier Moon Jae-in meets his rival country head of North Korea Kim Jong Un.

True, the two had a conversation, but it did not have an official recording nor had the accompaniment of their aides. In fact, the talk seems to hover around bringing peace to both the countries and make the world a better place to live in. Kim Jong-Un is known for his dictatorial ways and more known for propagating violence against the US conducted the sixth nuclear test. A war of words ensued in which he had stated the nuclear tasks were completed and buttons are within easy reach. To which Trump responded with the line of a nuclear button in Washington is much powerful and bigger. In fact, the world was expecting an unnecessary military war.


But this time, it was Kim who came to South Korea with his young sister Kim Jo-jong, past the Military Demarcation Line which makes Korea into two different countries. Since the Korean war ended on 27 July 1953, it was the first visit of any North Korean leader to South Korea. The meeting raises hopes of finding a peaceful solution to North Korean nuclear missile programme.

Now comes the surprising fact? Is the meeting really the first of its kind? Is it, in fact, laying the path for the North Korean leader to Mr. Trump? At least, that is what the new bird says.


What was the history of the past?

North Korea is supported by China, a communist country. In the past, after the second world war, it was also supported by the Soviet Union. South Korea, was supported by the country which hated Communists. Any guess! It is the US and the entire United Nations. The Korean War (1950 to 1953) broke the country into two – North Korea supported by the Communists and South Korea (assisted by China). North Korea under Kim had gone on a plan of extreme nuclear missile development. The US on its part wanted to conduct an inspection in North Korea, but the country refused, that the move is possible only when it takes its forces off South Korea. Now, as the talks progress, the North Korean leader talks of suspending the nuclear program. He also has not stressed on the pull-out of US troops from South Korea.


A meeting is to be arranged between the US President and North Korea’s leader Kim. And the time will be the dates of late May or in the first week of June. Location undecided. But the summit will focus on one major topic – “denuclearization.”

For the US, their definition of denuclearization is the North Korean leader, laying down his nuclear missiles and weapons. He should also allow international inspectors to check his labs. The North Korean prime has his own definition of denuclearization. It is “step by step process destroying of nuclear weapons. His main point seems to be pressurizing the US to take off the troops it has placed in South Korea.

Don’t you think that different variations of the word will come to a dead end? Let us hope a positive outcome for the world.