Meet Dharmendra Kumar, History Uncle of Bengaluru Who Tells The Bygone Stories With So Much Empathy

Dharmendra Kumar

There are so many things we value in our daily lives including the food we eat along with the life we lead. However, we don’t often value the place we live in as much we want to.

There has been a prolonged debate of students not getting the right history that is needed for them to know. One of the people who has been influential in making history interesting again is Arenahalli Shivashankar Dharmendra Kumar who has been educating people about the city and the region through regular videos on social media.


Dharmendra Kumar who primarily enlightens people about the history of Bengaluru, Mysuru, and Karnataka region, has a beautiful way to describe history through his page on Facebook – Mysoorina Kathegalu. From the way he greets to the way he makes minute things sound magnanimous in historical context, he not only makes history interesting but also makes this history class worthwhile and which makes you want to learn more.

Dharmendra Kumar (1)

The most interesting part about the initiative of the historian is the subjects he chooses to educate. While most people learn about the history of Kings and rulers, Kumar chooses simpler, smaller yet significant things in the city. He goes behind the story of small structures in the city where every day thousands of them pass through yet are not aware of the significance of it. The stories Kumar brings to the foreground also make one believe that his deeds today might have a chance to be remembered by somebody centuries later.

Stories With Empathy

Apart from choosing the significant stories, Kumar also conveys it through a lot of empathy which makes the listeners and the viewers appreciate history more. The one thing that is missing around the history conversation around is looking through the lens of learning instead of vilifying anyone. Kumar brings that necessary perspective to the table.


Mr. Kumar has grown to be an asset for the history seeking community and he will surely be celebrated for his deeds.

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