‘Mature Bag’ Is The New Meme Topic On The Internet And It Is Time To Leave The Earth

Remember the JCB Khudia that trended all over social media months ago? This was because the JCB ki Khudayi videos have a million views on YouTube. For now, there is a new bizarre subject trending on social media from a couple of weeks. It is the one and only Mature Bags. The #maturebag is breaking the internet with a storm.

A guy with Mature Bag can get you Girls

A couple of days ago, a video went viral on social media where a young boy explains the mantra to look attractive in college. Surprisingly, he says the bag you carry to college plays a crucial role in getting attention. He suggests that one should not carry the same bag to college that one use to carry in school. They need to buy for a “mature bag” in order to look more attractive and get attention amongst everyone on the campus.


In the video, giving a piece of fashion advice, he recommends that college guys should go for a brown leather bag from Amazon if they want to look awesome.

The video, which has been viewed number of times, is quickly getting attention for its bizarre content. Many took to Twitter to share hilarious memes inspired by the video.