Hijab Row: Karnataka HC Says Wearing Hijab Is Not An Essential Religious Practice

Karnataka HC on today’s verdict said that wearing Hijab is not an essential religious practice of Islam. It also stated that the prescription of school uniforms is a reasonable restriction that students could not object to.

The court’s verdict 

The dispute over the hijab started in Karnataka late last year as students at a school in Udupi declined to remove headscarves.


The Karnataka High Court, today gave its verdict on the Hijab ban issue. The court said that “wearing Hijab is not an essential religious practice of Islam.”

“Prescription of school uniform is a reasonable restriction which student could not object to, the Court added.

Karnataka High Court further dismisses various petitions challenging a ban on Hijab in education organizations.


Speaking on the same the Union Minister Pralhad Joshi said, “I welcome the Court’s decision. I appeal to everyone that the state & country has to go forward, everyone has to maintain peace by accepting the order of HC. The basic work of students is to study. So leaving all this aside they should study and be united”.

Hijab Controversy 

Hijabs, or headscarves worn by Muslims, became an issue when students were not allowed to enter classrooms before removing them. Following such incidents, 5 students challenged the ban in court.

Before the verdict, the state government had banned large gatherings for a week in state capital Bengaluru “to keep public stability and order”. Apart from the state capital, Mangalore, Udupi and various other districts have banned large gatherings from March 15 to 19. The schools and colleges have also been declared a holiday in some places.