Student Hits Back At Teacher Who Said She Would ‘Never Make It’ After Board Results

In the viral WhatsApp conversation, a student wrote how she was degraded by her school teacher at every level possible. She further revealed that this was not a thank you message.

Student hits back at Teacher

A Twitter user shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation, in which, she can be seen engaging her teacher for always degrading her back in school and saying she won’t be able to make it.


“Two years ago, me and my friend decided to text our teacher the day our results come out,” she wrote in the caption.

It is very important for a teacher to be supportive of their students. But, there are also teachers who think that by being disrespectful to students, they are motivating them to work more. However, it is not true. Only kindness can drive one to do better.

In the message, the girl wrote how she degraded her on every level possible. She further mentioned that this was not a thank you message but a message just to show her how she has made it.


“Next time, please remember to be kind towards people. Especially students who seek your help,” she wrote.

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