Mission Accomplished: Viral Astronaut Video Forced BBMP To Take Action Against The Distress Road

source: facebook

An Artist who exposed BBMP’s negligence in the city road developments has turned out to be fruitful. Tunganagara Main Road will no longer have portholes. Dressed like an astronaut, Baadal Nanjundaswamy represented main road’s potholes as Lunar surface by walking beside those craters.

The video gained huge popularity on social media and accused BBMP of not talking responsibilities for the road damage. However, after the video went viral, BBMP has now decided to start the repair in the particular road after the artist’s creative protest.


source: facebook

BBMP’s carelessness

Huge potholes in the streets of Tunganagar Main road had forced Baadal to come up with this idea to question BBMP’s responsibilities.

In the video it can be seen Baadal’s friend Poornachandra dressed as an astronaut, doing a moonwalk near the road which resembled Moon’s surface.

Message Delivered

After the video earned popularity, the BBMP has now started working on Tunganagar Main road and will soon have a new look. This incident is also considered as “message delivered”.


Thank you people for such a overwhelming response and support!♥️♥️♥️??Work in progress.. Quick and prompt response from @BBMP. Thank you very much @BBMPCOMM @BBMP_MAYOR and Mr. Prabhakar, CE RR Nagar who is overlooking on ground currently.

Posted by Baadal Nanjundaswamy on Monday, 2 September 2019

Baadal shared a video where a JCB is seen digging the road for the construction of the new road. Later he thanked users for sharing his video and supporting his work. In a Tweet, he said, “Thank you, people, for such an overwhelming response and support!. Work in progress.. Quick and prompt response from BBMP. Thank you very much BBMP Official.