A PU College In Karnataka Made Students Their Students Wear Cardboard Boxes To Stop Them From Cheating

source: deccan

A technique that can stop students from cheating and to make sure they write their exams without peeping. Believe me, this is not some technological science, it’s just a simple brainchild. A Karnataka college made its students wear cardboard boxes during an exam to stop them from taking short cuts.

Cardboard boxes to stop cheating

Bhagat Pre-University college in Haveri has taken this initiative to allegedly stop their students from cheating. A report said many students had cheated during last year’s exams, even after continues warnings, they continued to cheat. However, to stop this ill practice, the management came with an idea of cardboard boxes. This incident got attention after a faculty member of the college management posted on his Facebook account.



source: india.com

MB Sateesh, a director of the college said, “We implemented this idea to curb malpractice and not to harass students. This is just an experiment. We discussed it with students and took their opinion before implementing it.”

Inhuman idea

After this incident went viral on social media the college is receiving heavy criticism regarding the in-humanitarian activity. SC Peerjade, deputy director of PU Board informed that he had issued a notice to the college management for implementing what he described as “inhuman idea in the examination hall”.

“When I got a message on this, I immediately went to college and ordered the management to stop the practice. I also issued a notice to the college management and I am contemplating disciplinary action against them for implementing this idea,” Peerjade said.


source: mathrubhumi

“This is inhuman, and civilized society will never accept such an idea. I hope this is never repeated. There are other ways of managing students and preventing malpractice in the examination hall and the college can resort to them,” he added.