7 Nano Sound Modules Which Makes iPhone Smarter

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As far as these experts can see, Apple’s three new iPhones (iPhone X, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max) emphasize that it does built-in self-designed AI sound module to make the iPhone “smarter”. This single chip module, known as “A12 Bionic” system, is the first fastest 7 Nanometer process chip in the world. It is solely manufactured by Taiwan Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TSMC), and has become the biggest selling point of the new machine.

The fastest speed 7 Nanometer chip in the world

Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president, gave one a big hand to “the industry’s first seven-Nanometer chip” at the presentation. He called it a truly pioneering work of the Apple team. Therese Poletti, a columnist for American financial media Market Observation, said that A12 Bionic recordable sound module consists of three parts: core CPU, drawing chip and neuro-engine chip capable of processing machine learning instructions. The whole A12 Bionic chip module has 6.9 billion transistors and applies the most advanced process technology in the industry.

Along with the trial production of Samsung’s seven-Nanometer process delayed until September this year, and the withdrawal of Global Foundries from the development of the seven-Nanometer contest at the end of August, the only semiconductor manufacturer in the world is TSMC who is capable of producing seven-Nanometer advanced process.

Apple shares fell down 1.2% on Wednesday

Therese Poletti said that after the launch of the new product, investors are still digesting Apple’s noble pricing strategy for the new iPhone. Apple’s share price fell down 1.2% on Wednesday, but every sides’ reaction to the new technology of the iPhone, especially to the chip, is mostly positive.

Kevin Kewell, an analyst at Tires Research, a research institute, said that the new product launch would never go into all the details of the chip as it did this time.

Lin Xiu Min, a columnist for New Science and Technology Newspaper, pointed out that the speed of communication might be the biggest drawback of the new iPhone. And the speed of is only a little bit over 1G after testing, which seems to be the same speed as last year and lags behind almost all the competitors in China who now use Qualcomm 845 chips and have a speed of 1.2G in Android systems.

In the complicated and confused market of MP3 players, consumers have reason to ask themselves about what kind of MP3 they want when they buy MP3 players: the sound quality of MP3 chips is good? More functions? The sound effect is strong? Big screen? High resolution? Good video effects? Double core? High capacity? High master frequency? Long battery life? Multiple tasking? GPS? DMB? Good stability? Supporting MP4 (AVI) video? Cheapness? How do you sort out these questions one by one?


Initiation growth – mp3 module

Sound quality is the soul of MP3. No matter how excellent the function of MP3 is, if the sound quality is unsatisfactory, then it is not an excellent MP3. Of course, apart from the circuit design and software design of MP3, the most important thing is the decoding chip.
It is just like the brain of MP3. The quality of an MP3 sound depends mainly on the decoding chip, which can better restore the quality of audio signals.

Decoding is relative to encoding. A specially coded audio or video file can be restored to audio or video only by special decoding on a chip supporting this encoding. The decoding chip is a large scale integrated circuit, which is an arithmetic circuit that contains a hardware approach. Generally speaking, the signals that need decoding include MP3, MEPG and so on.

The composition of MP3 decoding chip

MP3 decoding chips usually consist of two parts: DSP + embedded IP (Intelligence Property) core. Among them, DSP is a computationally intensive processor. It is very fast to use DSP for arithmetic calculation, but its logic processing ability is weak. IP core is a control-intensive processor, that is, a logic processing unit. IP core is usually an embedded chip, which can be integrated inside the DSP, so as to realize the logical control of the system and external devices. At present, the decoding chip based on this structure is all called SOC.

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