Bengaluru Auto Driver Traveled 12 Km In Heavy Rain At Night To Return A Lost iPhone

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Bengaluru auto drivers never had a good track record in the city. There are many cases where we have witnessed the bothersome stories of the passengers while traveling in the local areas. However, this time there is something good to talk about the rickshaw guy who has gone beyond the call of duty, to prove the example of humanity. An auto driver from Indiranagar had traveled 12 km in a galling rain just to return a lost iPhone to his customer. This delightful incident took place near Indiranagar on October 18th.

The story

On Friday at 9.30 pm, Aprajita Gaurav had a party with colleagues in Indiranagar. After the gathering was concluded she wanted to go to the office located on MG Road. So, she hired an auto from a nearby place. And while traveling, unfortunately, the 23-year-old, forgot her iPhone 7 plus in the auto. After reaching the destination she realized that the phone was missing from her pocket. She got worried and was sad that she had lost her phone. “The incident made me sad as it was a gift from my mother,” said Aprajita.


Aprajita, who works at an IT firm, tried to call on her number from the office reception but the call went unanswered.

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Auto driver Wajid Pasha, who had dropped Aprajita, found the phone in the back of the seat. “It started raining heavily and I was trying to cover the seats. It was then that I found the phone. But it was switched off. I immediately drove back to MG Road in a friend’s auto as rainwater had entered the engine of my vehicle,” Wajid said.

Beyond ‘call of duty’

Having been in a deep glum, Aprajita was in shellshock to see Wajid Pasha arriving with the iPhone to her house at 11.30 pm. Feeling rejoiced, Aprajita said. “the incident has restored my faith in humanity. I take auto rides quite often. This the second time I had left my phone after the ride. I wasn’t lucky the first time though, but it feels good now.”


At 11 pm, Wajid had reached Aprajita’s office in his friend’s auto. The security guard in the building informed him that the employee has already left. It was then Wajid decided to meet her and hand over the phone personally.

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Kumar Birendra Tiwari, Aprajita’s father said, “The resale value of the phone is around Rs 35,000. I appreciate honest people like Wajid who traveled at least 12km to return my daughter’s phone, that too at 11.30 pm braving the rain. It is rare to find such honest people.”